Hello and Welcome to Graubaer’s Boker’s Blog

boker_6Graubaers Boker is a purebred Belgian Malinois “Superdog” with amazing discipline and skills. Graubaer’s Boker is IPO 1 and IPO 2 certified dog that is 3 years old now. Boker is a controlled, aggressive competitor that will be going after his IPO 3 soon. He loves a challenge and never backs down, he always gives 110% in everything he does. Graubaer’s Boker comes from one of the most sought after bloodlines of Belgian Malinois. His father is the famous Qenny Ot Vitosha and breed by Ivan Balabanov who is well recognized in the Belgian Malinois community. Boker is sure to make his own name in the canine sport world and hopefully in the entertainment business. Follow this Superdog here on our blog or he is also on Facebook and onGraubaers-boker.com.

Fun, Informative Superdog Blog

This blog is gonna be a place where we can share experiences and thoughts on our journey with Graubaer’s Boker the Superdog. I will be posting news of events and competitions he will be in here along with the results. We also will be sharing some equipment and techniques for training a professional dog like Boker. Last but not least this blog will be a place where we can share some of the enjoyment of  being with Boker.Graubaer’s Boker is also going to be our stud dog for a breeding program so there will be pictures and information here   Hopefully you will enjoy and maybe learn something from this blog and comments are always welcome stay tuned cause there is plenty more to come.  If you want to contact us feel free at admin@graubaers-boker.com

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