Boker’s Work

Graubaer’s Boker is in his prime and has many different things going on. Boker is constantly training for upcoming competitions. We are also excited about Boker trying for his IPO3 in the fall and attending some other competitions.Graubaer’s Boker is now playing a role onCBS’s “Person of Interest. He was introduced as “Bear” starring alongside Reese (Jim Caviezel) the main character on the first episode of season 2. Graubaer’s Boker is also going to continue to pursue work in the entertainment business which we feel he is perfect for. He also is going to be used as our stud dog for our breeding program. Follow Boker here or on Facebook, Youtube and his Blog to get all the latest News. If you have any questions about Graubaer’s Boker or our breeding program feel free to email us.

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